Monday, February 19, 2007

here's another face

still in a dumpy rut, but sam kinda scolded me for not drawing so here's a face. looking at pictures from the ohio mini con makes me nervous about the october convention. it took me a try or two to not feel nervous around sam, and there are gonan be a crapton of people there to make me feel like i'm a shitty artist. i'm gonna choke, and choke hardcore on their cocks of ego.

what? i worry too much. i'm way cooler than this. i'm fucking why can'ti sya that when pther people are around?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

here's a face

haven't really been drawing so much. been stressed about i spend my days busy doing nothing. i bound a new sketchbook though, so creativity should return soonish...i hope. i'm just sick of school. ready for reading week. bllllaaaahhhh

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

some NCN BS and a sketchbook page

robbb on the firing squad. the hair sucks. probably won't post it, it coudl go a lot further...which is why i didn't try anf colour.

proabably won't post this one either. it most likely looks too much like sam's or not enough like robin herself. balls

i'm losing hours to looking over the forum. it's cool, i'm trying. and all i want to do is draw a ton, but there's that homework thing. balls. i don't want to do that deisgn shit tonight, or ever. i'm not gonna learn from that.