Sunday, December 5, 2010

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

Getting ushered into the Detroit craft community and I love it.
I had a bang up first day at DUCF, it pretty much obliterated my stock of well...everything. I sold out of Ackbar reprints, I have no more business cards, I'm down to one Lockemonster, I only have 4 owls left, one sugar skull....yeah you get the idea...things are GONE.

so THANK YOU to everyone came by today and supported!

Tonight despite paint and fatigue I am working to build at least some stock for tomorrow. sadly, all the owl shapes I had cut are all cream and maybe not the most colourful display tomorrow.

also in exciting news I just returned from a 24 hours kinkos with hot steamy new Ackbar prints. so have hope friends, it's a new day...