Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday, May 24, 2013

new things...on the horizon

Don't post so much here...with the ease of instagram and tumblr right now the task of scanning things...blech. it's on my calendar to do a bunch of backlogged sketchbook scanning (you know...from a year ago...) but for right now I'm just about to head up to Traverse City for just about my fav comic con, Cherry Capitol Con! If you follow me on twitter and instagram i'm sure there will be lots of tomfoolery to post from the weekend, if not i'll meet you back here soon to talk about art and things. here are a few new pieces i've done as commissions or convention art.
a Rob Stark, because believe it or not I got requests for him, and I was pleased with the drawing, he goes very well with my Jon Snow that I did last year.

i LOVE this say 'it came to me in a dream' sounds hokey, but it's kinda true! as i was going to sleep i suddenly KNEW how I was going to draw Clegane, and I couldn't be happier with it. I left any type out of the image just because i didn't need to add any and i know he should be on a field of yellow, but with the scar and him serving the Lannisters red seemed the best choice.
 this was a great commission i loved doing! This was a gift to Robert Stanzler from his partners at Detroit Mercantile co. for their one year anniversary party that was held last night at their lovely shop event space in Eastern Market in Detroit. I'm not sure if the piece will be displayed at the store or at Stanzler's house, but I'll try ad get a picture of it all framed up.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

one of the many christmas commission i had over the season! now I should probably try and draw him again.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I think it's obviousl that this isn't safe for work

Drink and draw again at the WAB with shanta.

Some other art kids were there and we were joking around and came up with a zine idea called low fro (out of low fructose..a play off of hi fructose magazine) we're gonna make it happen as soon as we figure out what IT is...but's some doodles that came out of it...

and this was at my buddy brandon's request, since i never really draw ya go

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

drinnking and drawing is the way to go...

Finally started up a little drink and draw at the Woodward Avenue Brewery. It was a small gathering but I was just pleased as punch to be out with art buddies drawing again. felt good, felt like home. the 6 beers i had didn't feel too bad either.
here are some of the results and once jam page.

this one is from a while back and i'm just posting it now...players involve me, Ray Goode, Jay Jacot, Dave Losso and Tyler Sowles. That was a fun time

Friday, February 24, 2012

i still exist: sometimes....

here's some stuff i've done's weird, i remember drawing on gouache being not such a pain in the ass. now everything time i try it there's flaking and whatnot...i either need new materials or a different way of doing things because i really don't want to abandon my haphazard under-painting ways. watercolour full time seems really boring, much as i love it.

either way convention season is coming up, so maybe i should start drawing more and sewing less...or just doing everything more. ...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

well, it's been a long time

i'm just that damn lazy, and bummed about not having a scanner...and i have two jobs now..

right now there's a canadian in my bed and i don't want to wake him so i can't watch Star Trek right now...might as well get my fingers off their collective asses and update this beast.


well, i did a mural. that's's pretty awesome too. if you're a michigander you just have to come down to the Rust Belt Market on the weekends and you can check it out in person...

i wold love to get more mural work, so spread the good word...and maybe when i grow up and get a website, yeah....fuck i gotta do that

and i've been doing conventions and crafts shows as much as the jobs will allow (not much, which is total balls...) at motor city con i met a total blast from the past that had items and a drawing that i had done at my very first convention where i had a head buzz. so of course i drew him again and it was waaaay better.

6 years later...

and i have new prints
vampire bill

han solo


Bill is my fav but people seems to like the doctor who the best. if you're interested in any just let me know. $10 or 2 for $15

other than that i guess i've just been trying to get's been kinda happening? not really, i'm just kinda lacking in motivation. plus i've been really not wanting to add to my pile of originals...i just don't need to have them lying around and i haven't sold any yet. it's a weird attitude i know, but i'm a weird person.

i've just been down at the belt as much as possible when i'm not working or doing bigger events, the setup is always changing, but it's nice to use real display pieces..
gingerly made

come check it out if you're in michigan, corner of 9 mile and woodward in ferndale!