Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'm a winner

this comic is gross (says sarah shay) i think it's funny. mom, if you find this. uhmm sorry?

floating head squid kids. yeah

art show

for my friend victoria's birthday she wanted to ahve an art show at her house. fancy dress, wine, cheese, the works. this was also an unofficial first show by Six Boob Studios (victoria, our friend mara and myself...someday we'll think of a much better name, but we will never ever use it). so it was great fun. i've been too busy with school and sketchbooks and being lazy to get anything really good to take to it, but i had some stuff. here's a bjork portrait...because the unofficial theme of the night was bjork (the only thing all three of us have drawn).

these, well, they're all accidents. accidents that i used in my favor and i ended up liking them quite a bit. i can't think of anythign else to call them but the "fuck you artist series". mainly because when put next to victoria and mara's work, they totally looked like they were all "ooh look at me i'm an artist i'm fancy" in a hoity toity voice

Friday, March 23, 2007

flavor of leslie?

it's weird...i can't really decide if this is a drawing of me or started out not being one, then i kinda thought it i think i'm looking at it too much.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

st. patrick's sketching

dear blogger,
is it so hard to keep my images in order? is it? hmmm?

stuff stuff stuff

always saving a post until i finish this other drawing...or that other one...and never posting as much as i could be.
george. sam's boy toy. it think she's gonna make me post this on the NCN

this one is about poop, cleverly disguised as a page of girls

this could be awesome, but it's not, because i jumped right in without planning. i like the face and hair though...everything else...meh

Sunday, March 11, 2007

girls and a boy

chris thought it would be funny to draw female superhero slash. he drew poison ivy and harly quinn, so i decided to draw two that weren't so much super heros...just super awesome girls.

you had a good run cap. a challange that i might try and actually kick ass at later. for an lj meme started because of recent comic events.

inspired by kristin mccabe's sketchblog. she did and awesome and adorbale painting of vampirella winnign the miss universe pageant. and i thought about how i had never drawn vampirella before. so i did...studied from a sook pose.

it's a girl with an octopus on her head. octopi are awesome, girls are awesome...its a win win

Monday, March 5, 2007

crap faces

chris and i were drawing marlo on the forums and this is what i came up with...i really just wanted to do some junk on my new marker paper

some girl on the forum i decided to try and draw. it's crap. boooo