Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'm a winner

this comic is gross (says sarah shay) i think it's funny. mom, if you find this. uhmm sorry?

floating head squid kids. yeah


Me! said...

hahaaha Is that Randy from the NCN amongst the squid?!?
hahahah. thats random and awesome.

congrats on the roll up win. I was certain i had a winner the other day, and nearly hulk smashed the table when I saw those play again words.

well you're dirty drawing was done tastefully. the drawings I didnt' post had graphic images. in them.

i'm ashamed of my self - censoring. but little kids and family look at my blog. maybe I'll make another blog, with the dirty drawings I do. not that there's a lot.

Leslie said...

yeah that's randy...just a little doodle. don't be ashamed of your censoring..i'm just a jerk. my lack of is probably going to bite me in the butt later...i already can't show my parents half of the things i make because of language or boobs. but i'm not using the blog as a professional tool, just a place that's ONLY for my art that i can send people to look at.