Friday, July 9, 2010

ooops, i never told you about C3

i wanted to do a nice little C3 recap and post pictures and whatnot...but i went out of town right after that con so it just got away from me. Besides it being a really fantastic convention I actually got some really keen work done. it felt soooo good because i've been in such a slump....outside of the convention i'm back in it..but whatevs...

my new signage! i loooove it. hopefully before fanexpo the banner with actually be embroidered like the flags.

convention sketch. the board the dude gave me didn't support watercolour at all, so i had to do it in art stix for lack of markers. i need to draw gren arrow some more, he's a hunk. i also felt like i overcharged the guy...felt kinda bad. ah well, i needed gas money!

everyone's drawing ladies with bears, so here's something different but the same

yeah, crowning glory. as soon as i get a new computer this is going to be prints. and hopefully more star wars art to follow

jesus christ i miss having a computer

these are my final second semester thesis projects. I forgot to scan them before leaving school, so unless you are in my class this is the first time anyone beside another Sheridan student or my family is seeing them

this was drawn shrtly after his Carnegie Hall mishap. goobye stage dive...we'll miss you terribly...

these were drawn with a specific double frame in mind, so that's why they're not all neatly in the same picture. george got all grey due to a horrible watercolour accident so i'm going to have to redo him at some point. not like it's going to be a chore to draw the beatles some more...

a page from my book Loving and Losing. it didn't make it in due to formatting issues. you smart people can probably figure out who it is...he's not really a possibility, but i can dream. ('s not delight you retards)