Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sketchbook catch up

yeah that's right, i have still not uploaded what i drew in the last couple week of school. not like i've been drawing a lot lately, i am a bum . i'm just in a bad way.

school is stressful


i miss canada

princess dragon unicorn lady

that was a bad day

also, don't forget that everything that i've ever made that isn't bound in a sketchbook is for sale! i'm also taking commissions at very reasonable prices...and everyone who buys something between now and december gets entered to win a neat little price pack.

help me get a new computer so i can keep making awesome art for everyone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get your wallets ready...it's a SALE!

so here's the skinny. I am running out of room and looking to clean house of some illustrations. I also still need a new computer and money for things so I can continue doing what I love do and better maintain this blog.

so I'm have a crazy art sale!

soon to be art
you see all this paper and board...this is about half of what I really have, which is good, because I'll be taking crazy cheap commissions from now until December (in case you need something rad as a Christmas gift)

Little fanart paintings:
Black and white sketches will only be $10
Full colour watercolour or gouache only $25

these can be darn near anything you want me to draw.
I will also be taking caricature commissions for larger studio pieces at reduced prices. This includes family or couple drawings, which make great gifts.

On top of all this awesome, just about everything i've drawn up to today is for sale, including pieces from my final thesis, so all the watercolour caricatures and the freakshow paintings.
if you spool through this blog and see anything you like just e- mail me about it or comment. everyone needs cool original art and i want you to have mine!

and here's some older pieces for sale to a good home




super ladies-$25 each w/frames

***also bonus! everyone that buys some art or commissions me for a piece will have a chance to win an extra goodie bag!