Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sketchbook catch up

yeah that's right, i have still not uploaded what i drew in the last couple week of school. not like i've been drawing a lot lately, i am a bum . i'm just in a bad way.

school is stressful


i miss canada

princess dragon unicorn lady

that was a bad day

also, don't forget that everything that i've ever made that isn't bound in a sketchbook is for sale! i'm also taking commissions at very reasonable prices...and everyone who buys something between now and december gets entered to win a neat little price pack.

help me get a new computer so i can keep making awesome art for everyone!


coreymarie said...

the stack of animal/bird heads is amazing and belongs on a tshirt.

Leslie said...

hahah thanks! it's a dinosaur/bird totem...since they're related.
now i just need money for things