Monday, October 19, 2009

Pekar Project

This is coming a bit late because I wasn't allowed to post until it was up on the site...then i forgot...BUT it's up now!

After being prompted by James Jajac I drew up this Harvey head in honor or Harvey Pekar's 70th birthday. There's lots of fantastic examples on the site from James, Jim Mahfood, Dean Haspiel, Micheal Fiffe, Jefferey Brown and bunches of others. The goal was 70, but Jeff Newelt (Jahfurry) has something like 90's so awesome, go check them out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

getting back to my old self

by which i mean drawing sad things about boys pretty much all the time

nuit blanche (white night) is this thing in toronto that bring contemporary and performance art to the masses of toronto. the city (in theory) stays open all night long for this big giant art party where you stay out all night. it's cool to see all those people out walking around at 4 am. but yeah, i always start the night with such high hopes and end up feeling really annoyed or lonely or whatever.

seeing john never helps...

my amazing business teacher and friend, kathryn adams, got gary taxali to come talk to my class about copyright and protecting our work. it was awesome.