Saturday, January 26, 2008

sketchbook comics about boobs

what else is new? i draw boobs all the time. this is based on real events that happened a couple weekends ago. done using my awesome japanese tombo. i might colour it, but my sketchbook pages aren't the best with markers, so maybe i'll try doing a digital wash or something, like i did in the old days


Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

great expression, and line weight.

Kristen McCabe said...

There's nothing better than a comic about bewbies! Yay!

I want the shirt you're wearing in the drawing. It looks cute.

ps: what's a japanese tombo?

Leslie said...

it's a really great tombo pen that supposed to be used to calligraphy writing. it has a super tiny flexible nib that can really take a beating. uhmmm i dunno...i love it?'s awesome?..they're cheap when you can find them?