Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New stuff and experiments

Want to feel good about yourself but you don't know how? Make a donation to a good cause, there's lots! and if you can't decided...donate to my cause. I'm trying to afford the expensive yet fulfilling NCN caricature convention. This happens every year and allows hundreds of great artists to come together and compete for bragging rights. more information can be found here
for people who donate I'll be updating this blog much more frequently so it's worth your while. I'll also do drawings for people who donate large0ish amounts. YAY!

here's some art!

sketchbook doodles. the guys is a total leslie hunk

superhero doodles..people like those i guess. some of these might to redone is illustrator for practice...i haven't reall done that in a while

my project rooftop submission for the vapirella revamp

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Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

sweet drawings les. i was waiting for an update. i have an idea for raising money for the convention...lets go to futurebakery, like old times and put up a sign saying : will draw for tips and/or cheesecake.