Monday, February 23, 2009

fanart for sale

as a commercial artist...theoretically everything is for sale....and this is no exception!

I've been kind of losing the financial battle recently and now I find myself taking an unexpected (random/frivolous) trip across the country for networking and mental sanity (insanity) purposes.

getting to it. I have all this fanart lying around and I don't know what to do with it, maybe you want it? it'll only cost you $10. each piece is full colour marker rendered (except the billy dogma which is ink and gouache on grey paper)

all fanart shown is available for purchase. I will gladly take commissions at this point as well. what can i say...mindless fanart is fun. if you want anything more elaborate than what is shown please message me and we can discuss price.

or if you're just a nice person and want to help me keep doing what i'm doing...


Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

is a drawing of anne bush really considered fan art?

Leslie said...

har har. that's vampirella, but if you want the "anne's bush" drawing them you can buy it.

A.M.Bush said...