Thursday, May 27, 2010

Motor City and beyond

Motor City was pretty rad. I had the post cone blues pretty bad for a while.

Met some cool dudes from Chicago...i was hoping they'd help make Michigan for tolerable for me, but sadly's just one more person to visit that's not in Michigan. At least it's not super far.

either way. i didn't really take that many pictures like i promised. but here's a few

new zines

te newest, it's about my belly button

so for anyone living in Michigan..I will be at the Cherry Capitol Convention June 12th and 13th. this is the convention's second year and it sounds pretty great, so I'd love to see it have a great track record. everyone should come out!
I'm working on some new mini books, pins and original art for the occasion and I will be doing caricature there as well

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ami moore said...

belly button. thats really cute.