Wednesday, February 2, 2011

introducing DED

Hello everyone, today marks the beginning of February a cold, windy month with no hope of spring and my birthday is a day or so away. i will be 27. This has always been some magical age for me so now that i'm finally there i don't really know how to feel...disappointed i guess. Nothing to show for it, no respect , no love, no website, no money, no (real) job, no ANYTHING!

I've had a new ocmputer for a month and barley lifted a finger. My drafting table and desk are covered with junk (not that that's new) and despite loving where i am living right now i've settled into a lazy and not terribly creatively productive routine.

In attempts to correct this i am starting DESIGN EVERY DAY or DED (dead) for short. Because if i don't do this i may as well be dead.


For the entire month of February I will design, draw, craft or create something to completion everyday. I'm leaving the spectrum wide open for myself so i can try and choose interesting topics that i can get done quickly, because i also have a life to live, jobs to search for and a laundry list of ongoing creative projects that cannot be done in a day.
This will keep me on my toes, make me organize my tiny space even more and try and get this blog back on track.

Scanner permitting i will post each project here at the end of each day. For me the day ends when I go to sleep so count on a lot of 2 am posts. If I go away on weekends or somehow cannot post a picture the night of (let's face it, my birthday IS coming up) I will post double/triple the next by the end of this month i will have at least 28 things...HOORAY!

For today i made the first of many logos for DED, it's aqua and ochre favs. As an extra I also complete a pinup. here ya go internet, see you tomorrow...
ginger rigby


Ryan Claytor said...

Hooray for ambition! Good luck this month, Leslie.


Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics

Red Herring said...

You're freakin' adorable.