Tuesday, January 30, 2007

conceptual sketchbook dump!

here's all the pages i scanned from my conceptual process sketchbook. this project was completed in december and i finally thought to ask her for it back for scanning before it goes on display. it's all handbound newsprint so the colour is a bit off on some of the scans. my flickr has all the large images if you want to see them in more detail. i dunno, i like large images. i didn't scan all the pages because i didn't want to spoil the mystery of the sketchbook...that and some of them are required classroom BS...and didn't want to spend my afternoon scanning all these pages...that's dumb and annoying. here ya go.

this comic is poorly drawn

ok, sam drew this one, no i didn't get awesome overnight, we traded books

despite everything that can be pointed out about this drawing. i love it so. sometimes i wonder where it came from, did i adopt it some cold and rainy night?

phew, there we go. i think it will be on display at school soon? within the next two weeks. then after that when i get it back for good i can show it around ot people if they wanna see it. it's not the prettiest thing, but it's handbound and it's mine...all mine ('cept that page sam did, that's hers...but the rest...MINE) julia and claire said it was fun to look through...and julia's cool.

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Victoria said...


I nabbed your Bjork drawing for party invites, to go with my Bjork and Mara's Bjork.

Perhaps she could be our theme (in which case I should redo mine).