Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i used to do things differently

this was uploaded exactly one year ago today. i used to draw differently, i used to have a different feel for things. i'm not gonan lie...i miss how i used to draw. i've been trying so hard to work on exaggeration and caricature that this side of my work has been horribly neglected.
i need to use my time better, draw more and start making stuff that means something again.

get ready for a nice large image dump later...i still don't like the blogger uploading system, so we're fighting. later...patience


SAM GORRIE said...

oh my god lessslie i just had a braingasm....all this work is sooo beautiful. I want to rub your skechbook on my face and absorb its genius. GOD FUCK!
okay okay, i wanted to point something else out...the one piece of you sleeping in covers...well I think that we're like soul sisters or something...check out this one I did this time, last year: (this time last year I was your age too!)


SAM GORRIE said...

Im going to make one of these my new desktop.

Sadie said...

Well written article.