Monday, August 3, 2009

phew: finally

these all scanned super dark for some reason. i tried to correct them in photoshop...but you get the idea.

Anderson Cooper, the silver fox

and some sketcbook pages.


Amber said...

You should say "Fuck that, I draw what I want." Then spit on him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amber.
And Anderson Cooper, you make me swoooonnnn, and I'm straight as an arrow!!

JAJAC said...

Great everything! I still love your color and your style.

You should really make a book of those missed connections.

Every one has an opinion about your art. Do what is interesting to you.

I really wish I could get an email every time you updated!

Leslie said...

i'll make a book when i have the money, i want to do it right instead of budge like i've been doing.

i might start facebooking my updates..that might help people. i also should start updating more

Anonymous said...

Beat 360