Tuesday, September 15, 2009


for two years in a row a teacher and friend has gotten me a small moleskin for christmas. i've never really used them except to jot down notes and i always felt really bad about it. Since i finsihed my last sketchbook and haven't bound another on i have actually been doodling in one. here ya go....

these are doodles from the 2009 fan expo

seriously, my boobs knocked over everything

from school


girlaxia said...

i hear ya about that last one.

but unless that's a page outta my sketchbook, everything you do is NOT crap miss!

now get back to work! you've been without a pen in your hand for more than 5 mins. chop chop!

JAJAC said...

You are seriously hilarious. I doubt they have penmanship as good as you. I'd say more people would relate to you than them making you ultimately the more popular.