Friday, April 8, 2011

david byrne

david byrne by lesliebot
david byrne, a photo by lesliebot on Flickr.

i drew this weeks ago and neglected to post it. i'm still waiting for my scanner to want to work again...i think it's kaput. looks like all the crafts shows i do in the next couple months will be to buy a new scanner and printer


Sue Kurta said...

I was walking on Thompson Street in New York City several years ago, and standing up ahead in the middle of the sidewalk was David Byrne. He had all white hair and was wearing multi-pocketed hiking shorts, and seemed to be waiting for somebody to come out of a boutique. As I passed him, I said, "Hi David Byrne". He kind of winced and looked really uncomfortable and said "Hi, how are you?", though he had no idea who I was. I kept walking.

Leslie said...

hahah great story!